Amber's Lafleur Journal - 2002
- Amber

When I went to the dig I was very excited and so wanted to find stuff and take pictures. My partner was Jessie!! and in all our our class we found the most. What was weird was Jessie and I found a bottle cap, it's the piece where the cork fits in but the problem was it was just half of the top, and the day before when Mr. Keone went there was a pair that also found half a bottle cap.

After the dig we went and had lunch. After that a guide took us on a built heritage tour and showed us a very old out-house [I took a picture], a bear, a pig coop, two houses [one we got to see inside], and a root cellar.

After Jen took us on a nature walk and told us all about flowers, trees such as white pine and choke cherry. She even told us how much a logger was paid -- 1 dollar! That's not even enough to buy an eraser! She also showed us how to recognize what kind of frog is croaking [that day it was a bull frog].

Here is some of the stuff I forgot to tell you. When we were digging Jessie and I had a real archaeologist helping us. His name was Dave. We were allowed to wash our artifacts which we found, then we had to piece together paper plates which we cut up into pieces.

So all I can say is I so 'majorly' want to go digging again with Jessie, Dave and all of the people who were at the dig!