Memories of Basin Depot - circa 1950
- Bill Griffith

I do recall a visit to the Basin Depot, likely in the 1950s. My aunt and uncle, Albert and Myrtle Molkentin, (Myrtle was my father's sister) were staying at the Basin and looking after a logger's horses / pigs (?) during the winter. I do not know the name of the logger, or any details of what my aunt and uncle did. I think my aunt cooked for some of the loggers during the week, but I do not recall any workers being around during our visit, which would likely have been on a Sunday. My uncle looked after whatever animals were there over the weekend.

Another time, likely in the 1960s, I made a trip with Allan "Tiny" McGuire, well past the hydro lines, to get a load of hemlock. Tiny was boarding with mother and dad at the time, and I was likely in high school, as it was on a Saturday. We took the hemlock to the mill at Portage (Quebec). It was in the winter, as I recall with some trepidation, that the log truck did some 'slipping' on some of the hills. I don't know who Tiny was working for at the time.