Rory Kicks Back at Bonnechere - 2003
- Rory MacKay, author, Spirits of the Little Bonnechere

Over the past twenty five years I have often used the park as a base from which to do my historical and archaeological research, but seldom have I spent time relaxing in the park.
Early in July 2003, after two days of research near the headwaters of the Little Bonnechere River in Algonquin Park, I decided to spend a day just enjoying the parks. My friend Roger Lupton and I started our day with a leisurly breakfast, which we ate by the riverbank adjacent to our campsite. We spent a considerable amount of time watching the effect of the rising sun on the "mist-sprites" which form over the river. We still have no idea how they form as they do, but enjoyed watching them immensely as the waters of the little Bonnechere flowed by quietly.
Later in the morning, we headed up into Bonnechere River park for some fishing and scenery viewing. Roger out-did me in the fishing department. None of the bass we caught was a "lunker" but we had fun and returned the fish for others to try to catch. The day was most pleasant and we really enjoyed our paddle around Couchain Lake and up the river. The birding was quite good as well. I appreciate even more our "hidden treasure" of the Ottawa Valley.
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