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Land of the Spirits Virtual Exhibit
For thousands of years, the Bonnechere River in the Ottawa Valley has welcomed people to rest and prosper along its shores and in its forests. This exhibit focuses on the stretch of river called the Little Bonnechere, which flows southeast from the Algonquin Dome to Round Lake. Along these shores Aboriginal peoples hunted, fished and trapped, lumbermen felled trees, and immigrant settlers cleared farms. Over time, each group left its mark on the landscape.

At Basin Depot, most recently an abandoned logging settlement on the Little Bonnechere, archaeologists have unearthed the bits and pieces that characterize a community. Their discovery proves that while Basin Depot may have been isolated, its residents lived lives similar to those in other communities, large and small, all across Canada. Much of this rich legacy of collected artifacts is being shared for the first time through this virtual museum.

youth conducting an archaeological dig The Land of the Spirits Lesson Plans are designed to help young people better understand the science of archaeology, Canadian settlement patterns and the history of the Little Bonnechere River, Ontario, Canada. The lessons incorporate interactive, hands-on activities that encourage exploration through social studies, science, language arts, computers and other subjects. Although based on the Ontario Grade 5 Curriculum, educators of various ages and levels of interest are encouraged to adjust these lessons according to the needs of the class.
max the archaeologist Dig Down, Dig Back is an interactive activity designed to simulate an archaeological dig. This virtual excavation teaches the science and shares the principles of hands-on archaeology. This means that more of us can enjoy the archaeological experience without affecting fragile locales.
timeline The Land of the Spirits Timeline illustrates the history of the Bonnechere River, the people who have lived on this waterway, and the forest that surrounds it. Featuring colour illustrations, photos, and audio and video clips.
child's plate Artifacts in the Land of the Spirits Museum relate to farms associated with the pine logging industry of the 19th and early 20th centuries on the Bonnechere River. These were the items left behind, both deliberately and accidentally, by people like you and me.
virtual museum canada This bilingual virtual exhibit was created in colaboration with Canadian Heritage Virtual Museum Canada.



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